Wednesday, January 20, 2010

watch our first short film! [pilino by gas arte]

We present you the first short film created by thinksters art team [gas arte]. Directed by Nicolas Androulakis, edited by Konstantinos Kyranakis. Special thanks to Christos Tzelis, margarita and studio ATA for their support.

Friday, December 25, 2009

thinksters' first official event

On December 18, thinksters had their first official event in Athens. We got invited from the "Money Show" in order to host an organize a thematical event wich we decided to call "the next millionaire".

300 people came to the Athens Hilton Hotel that afternoon and watched the analysis of 3 case studies of financial success, true entrepreuneuship stories, and a short film created by the Gas Arte team.

Watch the photostream and the quotes from the event at

Thursday, July 16, 2009

new label in politics

Fanis Roidis, director in thinksters politics, presents this strange label.

[must see]

new art label for thinksters

Gas Arte is a labelname inspired by Nicolas Androulakis, founder and director of the art section in thinksters.

watch the presentation of the label here [set]

Official website set. Go and take a tour! [read the about page, lots of questions will be ansewred]

Monday, July 6, 2009

thinksters blog now in technorati

We are in 15 web communities. You could ask why. You could ask why be so divided when you have a complete website and you re creating your own community.

Well. Thats the essence of networking. The creative circle we mention in our about page is a circle that functions in and out of its bounds. And the only spot contacting these 2 spaces is the perimeter. That is exactly the spot of action for our 15 community profiles.

Thats web 2.0, and we like it.